We may ask you to stop using our service when we find a violation.
(Examples of violations)
· Violating Terms of Service
· Interfering with our service operation
· Falsely representing yourself as someone else
· Abusing another user’s qualification to use our service
· Infringing the interests of us or other users
· Acts against public order and morals
· Infringing the privacy of other users, dishonoring or causing mental damages to other users
· Using other users’ personal information (any contact information including name, address, e-mail address and phone number) for purposes other than our prescribed procedures
· Using the user’s information obtained on our service for purposes other than our intended use (e.g. sales promotion activities by e-mail magazine distribution)
· Causing economic damage to our company or other users
· Acts for raising awareness of, or leading to racial discrimination
· Using all or part of our services, contents, information, systems, functions, and programs, etc. for commercial purposes outside our services without prior written permission of our company
· Solicitations etc.
· Harmful acts to affect functions of computer equipment, communication lines and software, such as transmission of computer virus
· Harmful acts to affect servers and networks connected to our services
· Unauthorized access to all systems with which we provide our services
· Selling items at a remarkably different price from the average economic value
· Asking for donation