The wrong item arrived

Do not evaluate the seller yet, but discuss with the seller and agree on future correspondence via a transaction messages first.
Even if there is no claim no return in the remarks column, when a different item or counterfeit item arrives, tell the seller that correspondence is necessary. Discuss with the seller to resolve the issue.
It is difficult to follow up at our office if you have not discussed directly or if you already completed the evaluation.
If a refund is necessary, our office will usually make a refund procedure after confirming the followings:
– the buyer send the item back to the seller; and
– the seller receives it in the comment column etc.
If you need a refund processing, please contact us with the item’s name, seller’s nickname, and the circumstances of the trouble etc. from Trade after confirming that item has been returned.
If a return of item is unnecessary, please also let us know.